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TIS-Web® - For more efficiency

The modular complete solution for efficient online fleet management and data archiving with legal certainty.

TIS-Web® - the efficiency engine for your fleet

The efficient business of your vehicle fleet requires optimal planning and utilization of drivers, vehicles and trailers. TIS-Web® Online Fleet Management makes it possible. Use your staff and fleet resources optimally. Reduce downtimes of drivers and vehicles by a targeted workshop planning. And simultaneously ensure maximum legal certainty by reliable data archiving. With TIS Web®- the modular complete solution for efficient online fleet management.

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This is how you profit from TIS-Web®

More than 20,000 satisfied customers in Europe already rely on TIS-Web® Online Fleet Management. Why? Because with TIS-Web® their Fleet and their drivers are in control at any time. Even better: By targeted evaluation of the legally archived data you can get more out of your Fleet and additional you can achieve advantages in efficiency.

Use the Modules as needed for custom-made Online Fleet Management:

  • Access all data via the Dashboard anywhere and anytime.

  • Ensure that the data is archived and deleted correctly.

  • Optimize utilization, routes, fuel consumption and vehicle and driver use.
  • Enjoy transparent costs depending on number of vehicles, users and modules.

  • Stay always up to date with automatic and free Software updates.

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Modular platform for every demand

Everything under control: TIS-Web® Data Management (DMM)
With TIS-Web® Data Management you can archive and comprehensive evaluate vehicle and driver data according to the law. Transfer your vehicle and driver data automatically, remotely or manually.
Check compliance with regulatory requirements at the push of a button. Optimize your deployment of vehicles with powerful reports and analysis, for example about driving and standing times. Improve the driving behavior of your personnel by evaluating the driver scorecard. And use the data by exporting it in CSV format in different IT systems.





Respond more flexibly: TIS-Web® Motion
With TIS-Web® Motion you always know the current location, the load and the driven route of your vehicles. Immediately react if a vehicle is capable of receiving additional loads and the driver still has driving time. Let the driver enter the load status via the free VDO Fleet App to determine free capacity. Track driven routes and reduce costs by optimized route guidance. Accept new orders in the short term and inform the customer about the expected time of arrival.





Always in contact: TIS-Web® Communicator
With TIS-Web® Communicator you can enable easy and economical communication with your drivers. Share your messages traceable, quick and secure with your drivers via the TIS-Web® Fleet App.
Send automated reminders, for example to remember the upcoming driver card download. Use the departure control, immediately react if there are deficiencies registered by a driver to reduce downtimes of the vehicles.





Comprehensive informed: TIS-Web® Vehicle und Trailer Management (VTS)
With TIS-Web® Vehicle und Trailer Management you can gain useful real-time information about vehicles, drivers, and trailers. Retrieve vehicle data like, position, speed, and number of revolutions, fuel consumption, battery charge and Amount of fuel.
Place geofences and be informed automatically, if restricted routes are used or to communicate the arrival time to your customers. Find out potential to optimize your processes by using comprehensive options to analyze data. And reduce the wear and consumption of your vehicles by evaluating the driving behavior and route guidance.


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Fleet Management. Further thought.

TIS-Web® is the modular complete solution for efficient online Fleet Management. In addition, we offer clever add-on products with which you can further increase the efficiency of your fleet.


DTCO® SmartLink
The smart connection between the digital Tachograph and practical Apps on your smart phone (iOS & Android: TIS-Web® Fleet App, VDO Driver App, TruckYA! App.)







TIS-Web® Fleet App
The app for logging the vehicle condition and loading, for communication between the driver and fleet manager, for transmitting data of the position as well as driving and rest times directly to TIS-Web®.The most cost-effective entry into professional fleet management as a simple plug-and-play variant.






DLD® Wide Range II / DLD® Short Range II
Automatic Download of mass storage and driver card data via funk, forwarding it to TIS-Web® –across Europe (Wide Range) or within the company WLAN (Short Range). DLD Wide Range II additionally has GPS and therefore it is possible to transmit further vehicle data such as position and route.






VDO FleetVisor
The premium solution for full fleet management with valuable additional functions such as automated order management, route planning, traffic information, camera function, tire management, digital signature and more.






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