DTCO Animation Gif
DTCO Animation Gif

Faster, brighter and more flexible


  • User-friendly design
  • Improved visibility of unit even in direct sunlight 
  • Faster reading and downloading (time saving of 30 percent for data downloads from the mass memory)
  • Improved driver card handling due to quick card ejection
  • Now also configurable via a smartphone app

BE ON THE SAFE SIDE WITH THE DTCO® 3.0 Legally compliant recording

The EC-approved digital DTCO® 3.0 tachograph is the latest generation of digital trip odometers from VDO. Like all the digital tachographs in the DTCO® series, it fulfills the legal requirements of Regulation (EC) 1266/2009.

Please note that for legally compliant archiving you require additional archiving software, such as TIS-Web®. For example.

As with all digital tachographs, when using the DTCO® 3.0, the safety regulations of your particular forwarding business and the design-specific features of your truck must be taken into consideration.

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The DTCO® records vehicle-related activities in the integrated mass memory. 

  • Driving, work, on-call and rest periods of drivers and co-drivers.
  • Driving or pulling distance considered when calculating rest periods.
  • Driving speed over the past 168 hours of driving time.
  • Distance traveled since the driver card was inserted last.
  • Usage-specific parameters, e.g. Engine speed, vehicle speed and other work operations or occurrences on the vehicle.

We offer different solutions for data transfer from DTCO® into your fleet management system, depending on the structure of your fleet. From manual saving using the Download Keys to remote downloading via DLD® Short or Wide Range II. More information about the data transfer options.

The VDO Counter constantly displays the remaining driving time and rest periods for the driver.


Meaning Drivers will always know how long they still on their break, how long their next break must be and how far they are allowed to drive after their break. They can call up daily and weekly values or obtain an overview of pending compensation periods. The DTCO® also issues a warning if the speed limit will be exceeded and provides timely reminders for periodic inspections and the period of validity of the tachograph card.

INSTALLING AND TESTING THE DTCO® Essential considerations for your digital tachograph

Your DTCO® must be installed, programmed and calibrated by an authorized auto repair shop. It must always be checked for functionality if:

  • The regular inspection is due (every 24 months)
  • A repair has been carried out on the tachograph or the transmission
  • The circumference of the tires is different due to a tire replacement
  • The number of electrical impulses per kilometer of travel has changed
  • The registration number of the vehicle has changed
  • The UTC time on the tachograph deviates by more than 20 minutes

For custom solutions and apps

By providing access to the extensive data material, we want to give you the opportunity to develop your own new apps, specially tailored to your requirements. In doing so, we believe we can make a contribution to tailor-made solutions for drivers, fleet managers, auto repair shop managers and authorities.


The table below shows the functions provided by each DTCO® and which updates you may
need. You will find the version number of your DTCO® on a sticker on the inside of the printer

  DTCO® 3.0 DTCO® 2.2 DTCO® 2.1 DTCO® 2.0a DTCO® 2.0* DTCO® 1.4 DTCO® 1.3
Graphical printouts              
Interface for remote download and DTCO® SmartLink              
Rest period, when the ignition is off              
Recording of fuel consumption via DTCO® Fuelgate              
One-minute rule              
Advance warning about regular inspections and card expiration              
Independent motion signal support              
VDO Counter              
GPS data with DTCO® Geoloc              
Remote control - manual addition              
Driver history              
Vehicle data              
Negative display              
Configurable parameters via mobile app              

* Upgrade of the release to Release 2.1 possible at an approved workshop

** Must be activated using an update card (already activated for service device)



With these products, you can optimize the service portfolio of your DTCO® and take advantage of all the opportunities for modern, efficient fleet management.

Digital Tachograph (DTCO®) SmartLink Pro

Digital Tachograph (DTCO®) SmartLink Pro



DLD® Wide Range II

DLD® Wide Range II

DLK Pro Download Key S

DLK Pro Download Key S