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DTCO 4.0 overview.jpg

DTCO 4.0e – more convenience for drivers and fleet managers


  • The new DTCO working time counter also records work periods (daily/weekly working hours and break periods)
  • New configurable warning messages in accordance with Directive 2002/15/EC on the organisation of working time
  • Time limits for manual corrections have been changed to make daily work easier for drivers
  • Automatic detection of the country in which the vehicle is located (start/end) via GNSS signals


DTCO 4.0 tachographs can be upgraded to DTCO 4.0e quickly and at low cost, for example at the next periodical inspection.

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The new regulations and directives were published in the EU Official Journal on 31 July 2020.


Purpose of the EU Mobility Package:

To create a safe, efficient and socially responsible road transport sector (Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006).

To harmonise existing social legislation relating to road transport (driving and rest periods). This aim was also stated in Regulation (EU) 165/2014. The purpose of the regulation is to bring about further improvements in road safety, ensure fair competition in the European internal market and prevent manipulation of digital tachographs.



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  • After manual entry, the DTCO 4.0e clearly shows the driver when the driver is allowed to start and whether the driver is in single or team mode
  • With the DTCO 4.0e, the "Welcome" and "Driver name" screens are combined into one display
  • The entry time for manual entry is increased to 10 minutes

Control authorities must be enabled to query EU-defined, encrypted information on the moving truck via a DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) antenna - but driver-related data such as driving and rest times will not be transmitted. In the event of irregularities, vehicles can be stopped for closer inspection. The DTCO®4.0/4.0e has a new type of DSRC antenna installed on the windscreen, the functionality of which has been integrated into the tachograph. Unlike common solutions on the market, no adaptations to the vehicle's electrics and electronics are necessary here.

The DTCO® 4.0/4.0e has a very strong, integrated GNSS antenna with access to satellite systems such as Galileo, GPS or GLONASS.

Through satellite-based positioning, the location is recorded at the beginning and end of the daily working time as well as after every three hours of active driving time.

Via the standardised ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) interface, more than 70 different additional data sets can be transferred to fleet management systems such as
VDO TIS-Web® can be transferred. In the process, it is marked in advance whether the driver has authorised the transfer of his personal data. This ensures transparency - not only in terms of control, but also in terms of data protection.

VDO has developed the new KITAS 4.0 pulse generator for communication between the speed sensor and the intelligent tachograph. Together with the DTCO® 4.0/4.0e, it represents a system unit and fulfils the very strict legal requirements thanks to the new encryption system. Furthermore, registration of the system unit is child's play with the VDO WorkshopTab 4.0 using a QR code.




What makes the DTCO® 4.0/4.0e very special is its design as a plug-play instrument. It can be effortlessly integrated into the vehicle technology - even the plug connections are identical to the predecessor models. Thanks to the integrated GNSS antenna and DSRC interface, the DTCO® 4.0/4.0e requires neither additional electronics nor adaptations to the vehicle CAN bus. All you need is a passive DSRC antenna to put the tachograph into operation: saving you time, effort and money. 

With the combination of DTCO® Configuration App and DTCO® SmartLink, your DTCO® 4.0/4.0e can be configured easily - many settings no longer require a visit to the workshop.


The information that the DTCO® 4.0/4.0e transmits in encrypted form during a check while driving is defined by law. In case of suspicion, the vehicle can be stopped for a more detailed check. An automatic imposition of a fine does not take place. The following data recorded by the tachograph is transmitted:

  • Last attempt at a safety violation
  • Longest power supply interruption
  • Sensor fault
  • Data error distance and speed
  • Data conflict Vehicle movement
  • Driving without a valid card
  • Card insertion during steering
  • Time setting data
  • Calibration data including date of last two calibrations
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Speed recorded by the tachograph

In addition to the many advantages that the DTCO® 4.0/4.0e brings with it, the new EU regulation comes up with new obligations for haulage companies and workshops.

  • Hauliers must inform their drivers independently and comprehensively about the rights to their data.
  • Workshops need new workshop cards for all vehicles, which must be compatible and also work with older operating systems.
  • Control authorities need new control cards
  • In addition, workshop employees must be trained for the inspection processes on the new tachographs - the VDO Academy offers you appropriate courses on the use of WorkshopTab 4.0 for this purpose.

With the introduction of the new tachographs, the periodic inspections (§57b) are changing. The main innovations are DSRC testing, GNSS testing and the documentation of sensor sealing.

The easiest way to check and calibrate the intelligent tachographs is with a VDO WorkshopTab of the latest generation. If you already have a WorkshopTab, you can easily upgrade it with the DTCO® 4.0 ready licence package to carry out periodic checks precisely and in compliance with the law.

For the DSRC check, VDO offers the DSRC Meter as additional hardware, which communicates with the WorkshopTab via Bluetooth.

If the GNSS check takes place indoors with no or poor signal, you can also amplify the signal in future with a GNSS repeater kit.


Here you can see which DTCO® offers which functions and which updates you may need. You can read the version number of your DTCO® on the label inside the printer drawer.


  DTCO® 4.0e DTCO® 4.0 DTCO® 3.0 DTCO® 2.2 DTCO® 2.1 DTCO® 2.0a DTCO® 2.0* DTCO® 1.4
Working time counter                
Graphic printouts                
Interface for Remote Download and DTCO® SmartLink                
Rest time when ignition off                
Fuel consumption recording via DTCO® Fuelgate                
1 minute rule                
Advance warning on periodic inspection and map expiry                
"Independent Motion Signal"-Support                
KITAS 4.0 Support for better protection against tampering***                
VDO Counter                
GPS data with DTCO® Geoloc                
Manual supplement via remote function                
Driver history                
Vehicle data                
Negative display                
Configurable parameters via mobile app                
GNSS interface and integrated GNSS antenna for position determination***                
Standardised ITS interface for secure data exchange with fleet management systems                
DSRC interface for mobile roadside checks by control authorities***                
Entry time for manual supplement extended to 10 minutes                
DTCO suggests the current country to the driver for a start/end country entry                
Display total weight of the vehicle                
Extension of the tachograph data                
New configurable warnings according to the Working Time Directive                


* Release can be upgraded to Release 4.0e by workshop.

** Must be activated with update card. (Already activated with service unit)

*** Corresponds to the new EU Regulation 165/2014. Valid from 15.06.2019.

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In our VDO Online Shop you will not only find useful accessories for your digital tachograph such as cleaning cards or operating manuals in many different languages. The new DTCO® Simulator training software helps you to easily demonstrate and explain the functioning of the tachograph on your PC using the real operating elements of the vehicle unit.



With these products, you optimise the service portfolio of your DTCO® and use all opportunities for modern, efficient fleet management.

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