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  • Digital tachograph data is sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Simply plug it into the front panel interface of the tachograph
  • Now benefit from all the FREE VDO apps
  • Fully compatible with all common iOS and Android smartphones


With DTCO® SmartLink Pro, you can link the digital tachograph from the DTCO® series with your smartphone and use the practical VDO apps. Regardless of whether you only use the VDO Driver app to manage your personal driving and rest periods and daily and weekly working hours or if you want to use the TIS-Web® Fleet app to log in to TIS-Web® , the professional fleet management tool from VDO, the DTCO® SmartLink, makes this possible.

To take advantage of all the benefits of DTCO® SmartLink Pro and have access to the free VDO apps, you need a web-enabled smartphone with at least Android 4.1 or an iPhone with iOS 7.1 or higher. You also need a Google account for the Google Play Store or an iTunes Store account.

Please note: The DTCO® SmartLink Pro offered here can be used in conjunction with the apps without additional costs for activated functions (see overview table). Furthermore, activating the DTCO ® front interface may incur additional costs, depending on the variant.

In some cases, functions in the DTCO® must be activated for a fee by VDO partner auto repair shops. In the case of DTCO® Release 2.0, which was installed ex works by the vehicle manufacturers, a software upgrade to Release 2.1 is available at additional cost, which enables additional functions, is available at partner auto repair shops. In the case of DTCO® Release 2.1, which was installed ex works by the vehicle manufacturers, an additional DTCO® VDO Counter update is required. You can order the DTCO® VDO Counter update card from the VDO shop. For DTCO® Release 2.2, all the functions of the app are available via DTCO® SmartLink Pro. This does not incur any additional costs.

Clever VDO Apps

Clever VDO Apps

Usefull assistants in your everyday working life

The VDO Driver app in combination with DTCO® SmartLink Pro ensures that drivers can always keep an eye on their driving and rest periods.


The TIS-Web® Fleet app provides the interface between the fleet office and drivers. Installed on drivers’ smartphones, it receives tachograph data via DTCO® SmartLink and sends vehicle, driver and position data, as well as information entered manually by the driver, to TIS-Web®.

By using the DTCO® Configuration App, you as fleet manager have the opportunity, to configure the digital tachograph from release DTCO® 3.0 on your own.  Saving valuable downtime, as the DTCO® configuration in a new truck takes only a few minutes.



The table below shows the functions provided by each DTCO® and which updates you may need. You will find the version number of your DTCO® on a sticker on the inside of the printer drawer.

  DTCO®  2.2 - 4.0 DTCO® 2.1 DTCO® 2.0a DTCO® 2.0* DTCO®  1.4 DTCO® 1.3
Remote Control - Manual entry            
GPS Data with DTCO® Geoloc            
VDO Counter            
Independent Motion Signal Support            
One-Minute Rule            
Advance Warning about regular inspections and card expiration            
Graphical Printout            
Interface for Remote Download and DTCO® SmartLink            
Rest times in case ignition off            
Recording of fuel consumption via DTCO® fuelgate            

* Upgrade of the realease possible at an auto repair

** Must be activated using an update card (already activated for service device)

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DTCO® SmartLink Pro grants you access to the practical apps from VDO and makes your everyday work easier. You can also benefit from other services and products from VDO.

DTCO® 3.0

DTCO® 3.0

VDO Driver App

VDO Driver App