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Spotlight on the entire fleet.


  • TIS-Web® DMM 5.0 helps you fulfill the legal requirements for data archiving in accordance with your national Regulations for Driving Personnel (FPersV) – Retention of Control Documents.
  • The user interface has been improved and is easier to use
  • Display of the operating costs
  • NEW: The VDO Fine Catalogue analyzes the risk of being penalized for violating driving and rest times. For this purpose, all archived tachograph data is automatically checked for compliance with the European regulation on driving and rest times as well as national working time laws.

  • Brand new scorecards feature with early warning system to detect serious infringements and reduce potential risks for a community licence.
  • The availability of vehicles and drivers, driving and rest periods at a glance
  • Practical reminder functions for download due dates, card expiration dates, driver’s license reviews and calibration dates
  • Extensive range of statistics and reports on infringements, vehicle handling, speed and speed profiles.
TIS-WEB® DMM 5.0 for optimal fleet management

TIS-WEB® DMM 5.0 for optimal fleet management

TIS-Web® DMM 5.0 is the latest version of the smart fleet management software module from VDO for greater safety and efficiency. It allows you to meet the European statutory provisions for archiving vehicle and driver data. However, TIS-Web® DMM 5.0 can do much more than that. With an improved user interface, TIS-Web® DMM 5.0 is now even simpler and clearer. With the aid of large amounts of clearly displayed data regarding drivers, vehicles, driving styles, tachographs and much more, it is even easier to manage your fleet.



The new module for optimal fleet management

TIS-Web® Data Management 5.0 archives driver and vehicle data in accordance with European legislation. You can see which tachograph versions and download tools were used to upload the data. At the touch of a button, you can check compliance with the regulations for driving and rest periods as well as speeds, and receive information on infringements at a glance.

TIS-Web® Data Management 5.0 displays the updated driving and rest periods and the remaining driving time for drivers. This enables you to perform scheduling tasks more quickly and incorporate additional cargo. You also see which drivers are in your immediate vicinity and improve your scheduling.

You can perfect driving styles together with your drivers with the help of more than 18 different reports on speed, speed profile etc.

In addition to information on utilization, you will always receive details of how to quickly make use of efficiency potential.

The practical reminder function informs you and your drivers at the correct time that vehicle and driver data is due for download from the respective tachographs. You always know when certain driver or company cards need to be extended and certain driver’s licenses reviewed. You will automatically be informed about upcoming service and calibration dates.

The software combines the data from the tachograph with the type of infringement and the respective, country-specific amount of the fine. In this way, fleet managers can determine the current risk of fines after each data download from the driver card or mass memory. They not only get an overview about the overall financial risk on the dashboard. The risk can also be quantified for individual drivers. This creates maximal awareness on the need to learn how to reduce/eliminate future infringements.​

Scorecards keep track of all infringements and threats

The scorecards not only provide fleet managers with an overview of infringements for their fleet as a whole, but also issue automatic warnings above certain thresholds. These are based on the classification of EU Regulation 2016/403. Infringements are exchanged between EU member states with the ERRU messaging system. Scorecards gives you full transparency about your levels of serious infringements and helps you to avoid national legal action that can lead to the loss of your community license. According to EU Regulation 2016/403, national legal action can be initiated if 3 serious infringements per driver per year are exceeded. In some cases, EU member states have applied even stricter rules and limits.

The VDO Fleet Scorecards (ERRU) always access the current database of the past 52 weeks. With the fleet and driver view, you'll know immediately which are the most common violations and which drivers have the most urgent training needs.


You can find out more about ERRU, the EU's new criminal record, and how you can most effectively prevent sanctions in our whitepaper, which you can download free of charge.



With these products, depending on your individual infrastructure, you can transfer data from your tachograph to TIS-Web® DMM 5.0.


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