DVSA Earned Recognition Identifier No Strapline
DVSA Earned Recognition Identifier No Strapline

More than 25,000 fleets are entering the digital age with TIS-Web®.


  • TIS-Web® helps you fulfill the legal requirements for data archiving.
  • Compile all TIS-Web® services for vehicles, drivers, logistics and trailer management in the practical modular system.
  • Transfer fleet data from TIS-Web® to other systems via intelligent interfaces.
  • TIS-Web® is an Internet-based fleet solution that does not require a costly IT infrastructure.
  • With TIS-Web® you pay only for what you actually use – depending on the number of vehicles, users and functions.
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WHAT IS TIS-WEB<sup>®</sup>?


TIS-Web® is the intelligent fleet management software from VDO for greater security and reliability as well as legally compliant saving and archiving of vehicle and driver data. TIS-Web® doesn’t just help you to manage driving and rest periods and remaining driving time safely and efficiently – it also processes vehicle consumption data from the CAN bus, information from the driver card and georeferenced data.

TIS-Web® is a cloud service. All it requires is a PC with Internet access. User charges are calculated per vehicle, user and duration. Thanks to this high level of customization, the software is suitable for fleets of all sizes and performance ranges. With TIS-Web®, schedulers and fleet managers can effectively fine tune the key parameters for the operational success of their business. To achieve this, TIS-Web® comprises several modules that can be combined in the modular design depending on your individual requirements.



Modules for the highest requirements


TIS-Web® Data Management archives driving and rest periods and shows you the remaining driving time for drivers. This enables you to perform scheduling tasks faster and incorporate additional cargo.

Clear graphs and self-explanatory visualizations help you make the right decisions. For instance, at the touch of a button, you can check compliance with the regulations for driving and rest periods as well as speeds and distances driven.

Drivers can perfect their driving style with the help of more than 18 different reports on fuel consumption, speed, speed profile, etc.

A practical reminder function informs you in good time of download due dates, card expiration dates, driving license reviews and maintenance dates.

With the additional TIS-Web® Motion module in combination with the DLD® Wide Range II, you benefit from the advantages of georeferenced data analysis as current vehicle positions and routes are instantly traceable in TIS-Web® Motion.

The smart solution for small and medium-sized fleets: In combination with DLD® Wide Range II, TIS-Web® Motion allows you to access position data so that you can determine the location of your vehicles and follow their routes.

You know where your vehicles are at all times and can provide precise details about delivery dates and delays.

The enhanced VDO Counter function constantly displays the remaining driving time and required rest time of your drivers.

You can plan routes or predefine geographical areas for your drivers to stick to. TIS-Web® Motion automatically reports any deviations from these routes or areas.

The integrated ContiPressureCheckTM allows you to always keep an eye on the tire pressure and temperature of your tractor/trailer combinations.

There is no minimum contract period for VDO TIS-Web® Motion. TIS-Web® Motion works to its full potential in combination with TIS-Web® Data Management.

With TIS-Web® Communicator, you and your drivers can send messages on the TIS-Web® Fleet app or TIS-Web®.

Send automatic reminders, for example, about upcoming driver card downloads.

Support your drivers with a configurable list for pre-departure checks. Once completed and – if required – comments have been added, this list is transferred to TIS-Web® before the start of the journey with up to two photos. This helps you to minimize downtimes and plan appointments at auto repair shops in advance.

Send messages, answer questions, provide new instructions or respond directly to reports of defects and find out whether a driver has been able to read your message yet at any time.

What’s more, the best way for your drivers to reply or ask questions is with the free TIS-Web® Fleet app, which is as easy to use as a text messaging or messenger service.

To display the position data in TIS-Web® Motion you need a DTCO® starting with Release 1.3 and either a DTCO® Smartlink with smartphone (iOS or Android) and installed TIS-Web® Fleet App or the remote download device DLD® Wide Range II.

TIS Web Motion Dashboard

With practical widgets, direct on the dashboard entry page, you can get information about upcoming tasks, available drivers and drivers in close proximity or information about vehicle status.

TIS Web Motion Planner

A special highlight is the new “Planner”. With the “Planner” you have your fleet and drivers always in sight. The practical map module not only reveals you the current position, the target or driven distance of your truck. By clicking on the vehicle, you will receive a variety of further important information. You can see the shift plan of your drivers; recognise the driving, rest and remaining driving times and above all their activities of the last 24 hours. In addition, you can also see vehicle status data like e.g. tire temperature, tire pressure or fuel level.

TIS Web Motion Geofencing

By using Geofencing you determine a certain area, which your drivers are not allowed to leave or to – for example by transport of dangerous goods. As soon one of your vehicle is leaving the determined area, you will be informed by the system.

TIS Web Motion Reports

In your message area you will receive important messages, which you can setup individually. You can get informed about following events:

  • Speeding
  • Driving without driver card
  • Unknown driver
  • Geofencing
    Tire temperature and tire pressure
  • Alco-Locks


In addition, the reporting inside the new release of TIS-Web® Motion has been optimised. Therefore, you can see now single reports like the shift plan of your drivers or single events with one click.

Facilitate communication and improve operational procedures.

Technical issues are recorded during the pre-departure checks. The individual points can be illustrated with short comments and photographs. Drivers can call up the latest, daily and weekly driving and rest periods and remaining driving times and adjust the free cargo capacity at any time during the journey. Automated messages can be sent to drivers from TIS-Web® Communicator, e.g. to remind them of upcoming driver card downloads. Information on the latest vehicle position and cargo is displayed in TIS-Web® Motion.


The fleet management app from VDO


With these products, depending on your individual infrastructure, you can transfer data from your tachograph to TIS-Web®.

Digital Tachograph (DTCO®) SmartLink Pro

Digital Tachograph (DTCO®) SmartLink Pro

DLD® Wide Range II

DLD® Wide Range II

VDO Smart Terminal

VDO Smart Terminal

DLK Pro Download Key S

DLK Pro Download Key S