Improve workflows

Improve workflows

As much as requirements may vary between individual carriers, one thing unites all operators in this competitive growth market: the need to be as efficient as possible. Thanks to its high level of customization, our professional solution is suitable for vehicle fleets of all sizes and performance ranges.

Improve workflows

More than 30.000 Companies in Europe Rely on TIS-Web®

TIS-Web® works like a kind of modular system of building blocks, which transport companies can use in accordance with their sectors or applications concerned. The cloud-based technology does not require its own IT infrastructure. With more than 30 different services for vehicles, drivers, logistics and trailer management, TIS-Web® covers all the relevant areas of modern, digital fleet management. Thanks to its high level of customization, the software is suitable for fleets of all sizes and performance ranges.

TIS-Web Motion® – the Smart Entry-Level Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Fleets

With TIS-Web® Motion, managers of small and medium-sized fleets can also fine-tune the key parameters for the operational success of their business. In combination with DLD® Wide Range II, TIS-Web® Motion transfers routes, locations and other driver and vehicle data to schedulers’ screens in real time. This allows them to see straight away when and where they can put their drivers and vehicles to optimal use. In this way, you can incorporate additional freight on current routes on the spur of the moment and significantly improve the utilization of your fleet.

In 2016, the Continental mobility study “The Connected Truck” showed that 40 percent of small fleets with fewer than 50 vehicles do not make use of any software for vehicle management, driver resource planning or vehicle handling management. Therefore, when designing the cost structure, Continental attached special importance to making it as easy as possible for managers of small fleets to access the world of telematics with TIS-Web Motion.

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  • Mobility study focusing on the experiences, requests and concerns of logistics experts, transport companies and truck drivers
  • Intense cost pressure in the sector leaves little room for innovations
  • Automated driving still viewed with skepticism
  • Most are unaware of incentives for fuel-saving driving


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The VDO Driver app

Thanks to the VDO Driver app in combination with DTCO SmartLink, drivers always have an overview of their driving and rest periods on their smartphones. The digital tachograph data is sent to the app directly via SmartLink, where it is presented exactly as it is on the tachograph display. This means that drivers can retrieve their driving, rest and remaining daily and weekly hours quickly and easily even when they are not in the truck. What’s more, manual additions can always be made conveniently via their smartphone.