Minimize costs

Minimize costs

The logistics market is characterized by higher standards for air pollution and noise as well as increasing toll fees, personnel costs and fuel prices. Our digital fleet telematics and information and communication technologies not only help improve capacity and turnaround times, but they can also effectively reduce cost pressures. We help you to optimize the key factors so that you can keep total cost of ownership under control.

Minimize costs

The best route for trucks

The system takes into account streets that are too narrow, U-turns that are too tight, low clearance routes and bridges that are off limits to heavy loads. As soon as you have selected the route, you send it to the vehicle. In addition to automatic route calculation via the satellite navigation, it is possible for routes to be planned by the schedulers in the office and sent to drivers. The realistic arrival time will then appear on the driver’s DriverLinc display and on your display at head office. The arrival time is recalculated every five minutes depending on the traffic situation and driving style.

Actively reduce fuel consumption

Using our solutions, such as VDO FleetVisor, the contribution made by individual drivers to improving the efficiency of the company as a whole can be identified more easily and rewarded accordingly. Clear reports on fuel consumption, speed, rotational speed, number of stops, number of braking maneuvers and much more enable detailed vehicle and driver analysis. This saves not only fuel but CO 2 , too.

Driver Coach – the personal instructor in the cab

Driver Coach is an intelligent function of DriverLinc. It gives drivers continuous, real-time information about their driving styles. Green, orange or red symbols show the difference between the target and current driving styles. You can easily enter the desired values for driving style, consumption etc. in the VDO FleetVisor KPI Report. Driver Coach immediately indicates any improvements or deteriorations to drivers, allowing them to learn from this feedback and optimize their driving styles. This means that every link in the chain is working together in the spirit of partnership.

Data-assisted scheduling of driving periods

With TIS-Web® Motion and TIS-Web® Data Management, you can access real-time reports about your drivers’ driving and rest periods. Using the practical filter function, you can immediately see where which arrangements are possible and therefore make optimal use of your fleet’s potential.