Safety and monitoring

Safety and monitoring

More than 400 million truck journeys are made on the German road network every year – and this figure is on the rise, with the growing volume of traffic increasing the risk of congestion and accidents. VDO not only offers a range of products and services to enable you to coordinate and monitor your value chain, but our products can also be used to increase the safety of drivers, traffic, vehicles and cargo.

Safety and monitoring

TIS-Web® Motion – for a Good Feeling from the Outset

Safety and monitoring are important for fleets of all sizes. The TIS-Web® Motion module in combination with the DLD® Wide Range II also provides small and medium-sized fleets with all the benefits of professional fleet management software. Current vehicle positions and routes are immediately traceable on a map in TIS-Web® Motion.

Safe Driving with the Services of TIS-Web®

With the “Track and Trace” function of VDO TIS-Web®, you can monitor the locations of vehicles online at all times. This means you can always keep an eye on your vehicles and trailers, even with longer journey times. In the event of an accident, your drivers can inform head office immediately via an alarm button and, in doing so, alert the police.

Thanks to the geofencing function from TIS-Web® Motion, you immediately know whether the route has been kept to as agreed. Above all, however, you can define geographic areas within which your vehicles carrying security-relevant, valuable shipments travel. If a vehicle leaves this area, you will receive a notification.

With TIS-Web® Motion, you can immediately see which vehicle is moving which trailer and its location.  

Be on the Safe Side with TIS-Web® Motion and the TIS-Web® Fleet App

Already the best-value entry-level solution, TIS-Web® Motion provides you with everything you need to know about the condition of the vehicle and the trailer. TIS-Web® Motion transmits key vehicle system data directly to the screens of the schedulers. With the practical TIS-Web® Fleet app, the driver works through a detailed checklist and can record faults with the camera, to be sent directly to head office.

Monitor Tire Characteristics

Although only passenger cars have had to be equipped with a TPMS (tire-pressure monitoring system) since 2014, at VDO we recognize the need for a monitoring system for tires. We offer a range of solutions to ensure that your vehicles and trailers operate smoothly.

TIS-Web® Motion

TIS-Web® Motion enables you to always keep an eye on the tire pressure of your tractor/trailer combinations. TIS-Web® Motion also monitors the set temperature value to make sure that it is not exceeded and sends it to head office. In combination with the practical TIS-Web® Fleet app, it also notifies drivers of a fall in tire pressure via their smartphones.