DLK Pro Download Key S

Make your life easier with the practical DLK Pro Download Key S combination device. Read driver and memory card data, save it and archive it in compliance with the law. This is particularly suitable for small fleets, workshops and authorities.

  • After entering into the tachograph: automatic download of all data since the last download.
  • Automatic download of driver card data, when the driver card is inserted.
  • Download progress visible in display, audible signal when download is complete.
  • With the included PC software you can:
    - copy, move and delete download files.
    - Set up and view download reminder lists
    - configure different ways of downloading
  • VDO Fleet finds the Download Key automatically.

In order to be able to analyse tachograph data (required by law), the archiving and analysis package VDO Fleet is required.


Click on the video below and watch how easy the DLK is to use:


DLK Pro Download Key S Features

  • For all generation of tachographs, including the Smart tachograph version 2 (VDO's DTCO 4.1)
  • Plug in and it is ready to go! Simply insert the key into the tachograph’s 6-pin slot and download the data
  • Storage space is sufficient for approximately 6,000 quarterly downloads
  • Color 2.2-inch display
  • Data transfer to PC via USB interface
  • For all digital tachographs with 12 and 24 volts
  • Including download reminder function, download status and history, charge level and memory capacity display

Make your DLK Pro Download Key S compatible with the DTCO 4.1

VDO is making a free update available to make your existing DLK Pro S compatible with the new Smart Tachograph Version 2 and 3rd generation driver cards.

Click on the 'Update' icon and choose the "DLK Pro Family Update" on the new page that opens.

Additionally, you can make sure your DLK Pro (the predecessor of the DLK Pro S) is compatible with the DTCO 4.1. To do this you must first buy the DTCO 4.0 License Card and activate it on the DLK Pro, making it suitable for reading files from the smart tachographs, before following the same process as the DLK Pro S.


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