DLK Smart Download Key: Premium all-in-one solution for tachograph data management

The combination device is newer, more powerful and slimmer than its predecessor. With the DLK Smart Download Key, the tachograph data is now simply fed via USB or automatically via Bluetooth interface to the soon to be available VDO Fleet App and into the VDO Fleet dashboard. Fleet managers can now meet all compliance requirements easily, quickly and efficiently. Take the step into the future of digital fleet management. 

VDO DLK Smart Download Key

DLK Smart Download Key

  • Naturally compatible with the DTCO 4.1® tachograph as well as all approved digital and smart tachographs (V1/V2) and the associated cards. 
  • Fast Bluetooth interface to connect to soon available VDO App and PC to upload data to VDO Fleet via the VDO App or PC.  
  • The DLK Smart Download Key simply downloads mass memory and driver card data from the tachograph via its 6-pin interface and transfers it to the VDO app via Bluetooth – if desired, even automatically at an individually time.  
  • 4 GB memory capacity  
  • Integrated smart card reader for direct driver card download  
  • 2.4" capacitive touch TFT display for easy operation  
  • Suitable for all digital tachographs with 12 and 24 volts  
  • 29 languages are available for the DLK Smart Download Key

*Please note that the DLK Smart Download Key requires a license for VDO Fleet Tachograph Management in order to upload the data to Tachograph Management. 



VDO SmartTerminal

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