Optimal results with VDO Fleet Tachograph Live Services

With position data in close to real time, you can manage your tasks even better.


VDO Fleet Tachograph Live Services shows you where your vehicles are and where they are heading. For instance, you can quickly react and coordinate spontaneous loads or make changes to optimize the route. In addition to knowing where your vehicles are, you will always know how much remaining driving time is available. That means you can deploy the right driver to the right vehicle at the right time.

Track routes in close to real time. Communicate exact vehicle arrival times to your customers without having to bother the driver.

With position and movement data, you can plan the unloading and loading process more precisely. You can shorten waiting times at the ramps and reduce downtime.

You can devise even more efficient routes thanks to accurate route history information and data saved onto hard drives.

Make borders work for you. Use geofencing to designate spaces, national borders, nature reserves, truck prohibition zones, etc. with an upcoming message as soon as a vehicle has crossed a defined boundary. That allows you to secure your vehicle and cargo against theft and prevents your vehicles from traveling on unauthorized routes.

VDO Fleet Tachograph Management – more efficiency thanks to digitalization

Do not get left behind – take the opportunity to digitalize your fleet management. Profit from the possibilities that VDO Fleet Services offers you with modern, digital tachographs, such as the DTCO 4.0.


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